Yorktown Patriots Spring Ball Form 2019-01-10T09:59:48-05:00

Yorktown Patriots Spring Ball Only Form

There is a $50 cost for spring workouts/7on7 if your child does not want to play Tackle or Flag Football during the fall season. Payment can be made via our website form here or in person. If playing during the fall season there is no cost except for 7on7 shirt and or shorts.

  • The undersigned hereby grants permission for the above named youth to participate in any and all activities of The New Yorktown Patriots. I assume all risk incidentals to such participation, including transportation to and from all activities. I hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless PYFCO, New Yorktown Patriots, its’ league officials, respective coaches, other players, parents/guardians, sponsors, participants, volunteers and any other persons transporting my child. I further grant permission for emergency first aid to be given to the minor in case of injury. Furthermore, I grant permission for my minor child to be taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, and the hospital and its medical staff have my authorization to provide treatment which a physician deems necessary for the well-being of my minor child. I also understand that my child’s team picture may be posted on the website/social media profiles, and give my permission to have my child’s individual picture posted as well.