NFL flag football rules will be followed except the following

Game set up:

  • Game Field is 30 yards wide by 50 yards long and should be played from 50-yard line to
  • the end zone. Game will start at 8:45 and game field should be set up no later than 8:30am
  • Game will have TWO 15 min. halves
  • Each game will have a 3 min. halftime
  • There will be 25 sec. play clock
  • Five-yard penalty for delay of game
  • Each team gets a 20 sec. timeout for each half.
  • The clock only stops for injury
  • Each game will have a referee.
  • Football Size- K-2 or equivalent
  • Two coaches are allowed on the field during play
  • All kids must play 4 downs and every player must wear their jersey.

Player Equipment:

  • Uniform – Every player will have a team jersey/shirt with the same specifications as a Mites jersey regarding name and numbers. The jersey must be tucked in at all times.
  • Shorts/Pants cannot have belt loops or pockets.
  • Helmets – all players must wear a soft shell helmet built for flag football
  • Flags – Flags belts must be Sonic Pop Flags (no Velcro) with two flags. Flags are to be worm one on each hip of the player. Flags cannot be tied, wrapped, or tucked around the flag belt. Flags must be clearly visible to the defending players. Flags must not be the same color as the players shorts/pants. Flags must be at least 16 inches in length.
  • Cleats are mandatory and should be the same specifications as youth tackle football
  • Protective Equipment – Mouth guards are mandatory and should be the same specifications as tackle football except the mouth piece should not have any strings or lanyards attached. Players may tape their forearms, hands and fingers. Gloves, elbow and knee pads are allowed.
  • Jewelry- Players must remove ALL jewelry such as watches, earrings, rings, necklaces and any other jewelry.

Game Play:

  • Each series will start from the 2-yard line. The first down marker will be at mid field. A team has three downs to make a 1st down or score. If they reach the 1st down marker they get another three downs to score. There is only one 1st down per series. If there is a turn over on downs the opposing team will start their series from their 2-yard line. (except for interceptions)
  • Overtime will be 3 plays from mid field and both teams will get the ball
  • Fumble -The ball will be marked dead and considered a down of play at the place where the ball touches the ground. Unless the ball falls forward giving the offensive team an advantage. Then ball is place at the spot of the fumble.
  • There will be no punting.
  • There is no interception rule


  • The ball may be snapped by either: The center may turn and hand the ball to QB, Under center snap or Shotgun.
  • Blocking – Offensive lineman can screen or shield block only. No intentional contact. After the ball has past the line of scrimmage all offensive players are not allowed to screen or shield block or in any way impede the defensive from ‘downing’ the ball.
  • Quarterback and center sneaks are not allowed.
  • Running – There will not be a no run zone. Quarterback can run once he hands the ball off. If a runner gets possession of the ball with only one flag, no flags, or knocks his/her own flag off it’s a dead ball at the spot. The ball is spotted where the runner’s feet and hips are not where the ball is. Runners may not leave their feet to advance the ball. Diving, leaping, or jumping to avoid a flag pull is considered flag guarding. Spinning is allowed.
  • Receiving – All offensive players are eligible ball carriers and receivers. Quarterback must have full possession of the ball before center becomes eligible receiver. Quarterback must handoff ball or throw a lateral pass before he/she is eligible. A player must have at least one foot in bounds when making a reception. If a player catches the ball after their flag has fallen off, the ball is dead at the spot of the catch. The ball is spotted where the receiver’s feet and hips are not where the ball is. Motion -Only one player may be in motion when the ball is snapped. All other players must be set for one second prior to the snap of the ball. 5 yard penalty


  • Defensive line of scrimmage is one yard away in front of the ball.
  • No defensive player may line up directly across from the center (no nose guard).
  • Players who blitz should be 7 yards from line of scrimmage. Once the ball is handed off all players can rush.
  • Avoid Contact – It is the defensive rusher’s responsibility to avoid contact with the offensive linemen shielding or screening. The ball carrier may not be pushed or shoved out of bounds. Tripping or using the leg to stop an offensive player is not allowed.
  • Flag/Ball Stripping – Defenders may not intentionally pull an offensive players flag, other than the ball carrier. Defenders may not intentionally strip or pull the ball from the ball carriers arm.
  • Defenders who remove the flag should immediately hold the flag above his/her head to assist the official in locating the dead ball spot. Then immediately give the flag back to the player it belongs to.


  • Touchdown = 6 Points
  • Point after Touchdown – Ball placed at the 5 yard line / One point – offensive team runs the ball in. Two point-Offensive team throws the ball across the goal line.
  • Hips and feet with both flags must cross the goal line
  • Safety = Turnover on Downs.


  • All penalties are accessed from the line of scrimmage. Except where noted.
  • All Unsportsmanlike Conduct (From trash talking, taunting, tripping etc.) – 10 yards enforced from the line of scrimmage.


  • Off-sides – 5 yards and repeat down
  • Illegal Rushing (start rushing from inside 7-yard buffer) – 5 yards and repeat down
  • Illegal Flag Pull (before player has ball) – 5 yards
  • Illegal Contact (holding, pushing, stiff arming, tackling, improper blocking, & clipping) – 10 yards and automatic first down
  • Interference – 10 yards


  • Illegal Motion – 5 yards and replay down
  • Illegal Forward Pass – 5 yards and replay down
  • Flag Guarding – dead ball at point of infraction
  • Offensive Pass Interference (Illegal pick play, pushing off/away defender) – 10 yards and loss of down

Additional Notes:

  • Any coach or parent who curse or threatens a player or ref will be removed after 1st warning.
  • Any coach caught cheating will cause his team to forfeit
  • During the match, all spectators must be located across from the teams. Absolutely no spectators are allowed with the teams or behind the goals. No sideline coaching is allowed from the spectators. Spectators, players, and coaches are not permitted behind the goal lines. All players, coaches, and spectators must remain a minimum of 5 feet away from the sideline to allow the players and referees room to see and maneuver.