Cheerleader age will be determined by their age on July 31st of the current year.

Items to Purchase

  • Water Bottle
  • Optional


Practice will start during the second week of August. Cheer practices can be up to five days a week, but will be reduce to 3 days a week once school starts. Teams will practice for two hours, 6pm to 8pm during the weekdays. Cheerleaders will need to be present for every practice. If a cheerleader has 2 or more unexcused practices during the week. That cheerleader will have to sit out the next regular scheduled game. We hold practices at Charles E. Brown Park during the summer and Yorktown Middle School once school starts.


All games are played on Saturdays unless a game has to be rescheduled because of weather. There are a total of 10 games with 5 home games and 5 away games. Our home field is located at Yorktown Middle School.

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Come be apart of something special. It’s not just about football and cheer. We’re building young men and women to be leaders.