Dates are subject to change so please keep an eye out or visit our Calendar Page

July 11th & 19th – Mandatory Head Coach and Blue Hat training
All Coaches and Blue Hats must attend one of these dates. We do not have any additional dates planned so please make sure that your people attend. Additional information on time and place will be determined once a venue is secured.

July 18th – Player Safety Coach training at Grafton High School – ALL DAY
Please make sure you nominate your league player safety coach. They will need to fill out information for a back ground check and choose this as the event they will be attending. I have spoken with Alex and he is going to talk to USA to see if the league Presidents can attend to observe what is being taught. More to come on this from Alex as soon as he is able to find out.

July 20th – Conditioning Week
If PYFCO chooses to have a conditioning week this would be the start date unless the by-laws change.

July 27th – First Week of Practice
Unless this is changed in the by-laws we will begin the first offical day of practice.

August 1st & 8th – Weigh Ins
We will send out a time schedule when we get closer to this date. ALL players will have to attend one of these dates.

August 15th – Jamboree
Once we have all the information on who is attending we will produce a schedule.

August 22nd – First Game of the 2015 Season
With an odd number of teams the schedule will flow like last year with a floating by- week. Each League will have a weekend that they do not have a game.

November 7th & 14th Play Offs
We will have more information on this as the season progresses

November 21st Superbowl