Our Mission

To teach our youth the skills necessary to not only succeed in football, but more importantly to succeed in life.

Our Objective

The objective of the Yorktown Patriots is: to provide a wholesome, enjoyable experience of playing football and cheering for our youth from ages 5 – 14 while teaching the basic fundamentals of the game, teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline, leadership and the importance of academics.

Who We Are

Since the Yorktown Patriots Youth Football and Cheerleading League was established in 1995, The Patriots have a quality football and cheerleading program annually to approximately 180 youth(boys and girls, ages 5-14) from Yorktown and its surrounding areas.  The Patriots teams are renowned for winning and having a consistent appearance in the Peninsula Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization season playoffs and Super Bowl Championship Games. The Yorktown Patriots record brings great notoriety not only on its players, cheerleaders, coaches, organization and supporters but also to the greater Yorktown area.

The program is based on teaching our youth teamwork, the importance of education, leadership, community, God, family and respect for others. We’re a non-profit organization with no paid employees, all adults associated with the operation of the league are volunteers that are dedicated in providing a quality program.

Get Connected

Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.

Vince Lombardi

Don’t walk through life just playing football. Don’t walk through life just being an athlete. Athletics will fade. Character and integrity and really making an impact on someone’s life, that’s the ultimate vision, that’s the ultimate goal – bottom line.

Ray Lewis

I’ve never been a fan of individual awards because football is such a team sport. There’s so many things that goes into making plays. It’s about teammates trusting one another and working together.

Troy Polamalu

Come be apart of something special. It’s not just about football and cheer. We’re building young men and women to be leaders